Gino Burich and Kathy Sigstad have been working and growing together for a long time. They first met at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where they both studied Communication Design. In 2005, they founded their own company, Stringbean Design, inspired by Gino's nickname "Gino Stringbeano." They continue to work on projects, both individually and together, using their diverse skills and backgrounds.
In addition to their work at Stringbean Design, Gino and Kathy have also worked as in-house designers. They each collaborated on various multi-disciplinary campaigns. 
In 2019, they both started teaching Design courses at the University of the Fraser Valley. One of Gino's achievements at UFV was developing and facilitating a Experiential Design course for the Stave Lake Recreational Area Wayfinding project. His students won an award in 2020 for their outstanding work. 
When the pandemic hit and UFV shifted to online courses, Kathy took the opportunity to explore Learner Experience Design, which quickly became her passion. This newfound passion led her to pursue her current career in Instructional Design. She has contributed to the design community as a Certified RGD, serving on award panels and committees, including the Certification and Education Committees.
Gino honed his expertise working at various design studios like Letterbox Design, Smart Design, Rally Creative, and Heywood Beaudry. During his years as an in-house designer at the Township of Langley, he played a significant role in designing corporate communications, marketing materials and knowledge transfer projects.
Despite their separate career paths, Gino and Kathy continue to collaborate on special projects under the Stringbean Design banner.

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