Following the 2016 Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC (the Alliance) rebranding, the quarterly Newsletter was an important but under-utilized communications tool that received a complete overhaul. 
After Kathy joined the Alliance, a newsletter committee was formed and with the help of the creative writer, the editor and the CEO, a newsletter framework was established. The first decision made by the committee was to change the name from “The OSSE” an acronym with little meaning to people outside of the organization's membership, to “Make It Safe” which states clearly what the newsletter is all about.
This name change helps to reinforce the Alliance tag line “Helping you Make It Safe” and its annual “Make It Safe” Occupational Health and Safety conference.
The old newsletter was busy and sporadic, without a cohesive theme or structure. The lack of standard features created a confused and disorganized look and feel. The distribution was hit or miss and lacked reliable tracking mechanisms.
Establishing a simplified magazine style masthead, grid and modular layout elements, each edition follows an overarching theme. “What’s Inside” call-outs on the front cover describe the type of content within. New design features were established that support mass production, mass mailings and trackable delivery methods

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